The purpose for this simple package is to allow anyone to render complex charts using a Java Servlet. Although this is simple enough using JFreeChart the issue is that no-one has released such a product: This means that anyone using a Java Servlet engine has to code his own. The product was primarily written to allow Warfare to render charts from data sources, which as a tool kit is specifically design for people with no programming knowledge.

The Road To Stability

Posted by luket on February 22, 2011
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For too long now JWebChart has been stagnant on Sourceforge, but has been living on my latop in a re-factored form. So I thought it was about time that I released the stable code base and reflected the changes in the CVS repository. Whilst doing this I thought that I really should upgrade to the latest version of JFreeChart and JDK - so I did this too. Let me know how the changes go and if you like what I have done. Doing this has got me all ready to release another version...

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How Does It Work?

The code is a simple servlet that takes all the parameters it needs to render the specified chart and thus allows it to be plugged into any web application. For example: http://localhost:8080/jwebchart/ChartServlet? Series=Pie&Type=3D&Title=Developer%20Preference& Java=55&C=47&VB=78&Cache=10

will render a 3D Pie chart with the specified data.

New Year, New Website!

Posted by luket on January 2, 2008
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So sick was I of having my Wiki spammed by people, that I thought it was about time for a complete redesign. I have searched around for a new look and found some great open source templates at Free CSS Templates.

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Great Minds Think A Like

Posted by luket on January 12, 2008
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For a long time JWebChart was the only charting servlet that I had found that was Open Source and worked in the way that it does. It appears that now there is a new kid on the block in the form of Google Charts API. This has got to be a good thing in my eyes - the Google Chart API works on the principle that you web pages online will access the Google services (of which I am a great fan). More people will start to think of charting on their webpages in this way and will want something on their internal networks to perform in a similar way.

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All Change

Posted by luket on August 15, 2007
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The next release is in design/development. I am working on another big change to the functionality that once complete I am going to be pretty happy with. Keep coming back to see where I have got to with it.